Risk Survey


Carried out in April-August 2009


The core goals of PRIMO are focused on the holistic heart of risk management within the public sector and on public risk at his own. It is in the heart of the triangle ‘public policy, public management and society and its natural environment’. Within this ‘triangle’ that the powers and developments of all three domains should be matched for good governance and thereby for new public management. Risk management is a crucial aspect of it.

Focus and scope

The PRIMO Public Risk Survey 2009 is focussed on monitoring the state of risks, risk perception and risk management within the local and regional communities within Europe.

The survey combines the principles of quality-management, public management and governance. It focuses on the managers and advisors in the public domain especially in our local communities. It tries to bring forward actually what we do in our answer on the financial and economic crisis we face. Here we must share our stories.

The results of this web survey are used by politicians, policymakers, managers, controllers and risk managers and of course by suppliers of products and services.
It is PRIMO’ s objective to build a common awareness that it are the interfaces between those three domains through which risks emerge. Good governance demands an approach in which politics/government, local and regional authorities, society itself (with citizens, companies and other relevant stakeholders), its natural environment and its management share the risks. This web survey has that ambition. It are those interfaces which are highlighted in this survey. The survey is organised by our own staff and carried out supported by the knowledge of the scientific council and supported by our partners. The data are secured by PRIMO. Our findings will allow us to help prepare our members to manage risks both now and in the near future.

Thanks to all contributors

PRIMO thanks all the contributors for a systematic mapping of perceptions and management of risks by managers and advisors within the local and regional public domain in Europe. This contribution will give you as member more overview where risks are emerging and what their impact is. It can help us to define our agenda .

Download the Public Sector Research Report 2009