Phase 2 of the FORTE Framework: testing questionnaire

In the last two years PRIMO Europe – the premium non-profit organization for good governance in Europe – has worked on a framework, called FORTE™, this to support its members and network in the process of strategy and decision making. The development of this framework has been carried out in close cooperation with the Malta University.

Based on research via literature, interviews and interactive sessions PRIMO concluded that for good strategic and tactic decision making (by leaders and managers, the actors) there are five crucial elements of governance, which essentially contribute to the quality and the effectivity of decisions. These elements are now part of the framework. To ‘measure’ the state of governance we developed a questionnaire, which we have used, discussed and curated carefully in phase 1. the design process.

Now we are in phase 2. the testing of the questionnaire. For that we appreciate your insight and experience. We would like to ask you to score on 25 questions we curated.  We expect it takes you five minutes of your time. We thank you for your support.

How to fill in?

Make it easy for yourself. Imagine one major project, program or plan you are presently working on. And image you were asked to score on the quality of its governance, what would you say? (Your selection of this project, program or plan is completely yours and is not relevant as object of study, because we only focus our analysis on the coherence and consistency of the questionnaire as such, as an interactive and complete set).

The questionnaire

We appreciate your input before the 1stof September 2019. Thank you so much.

Dr. Simon Grima  (Malta University) and ir. Jack P. Kruf (PRIMO Europe)

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