Ortwin Renn: “Strategieën vergroten weerstand organisaties & samenleving”

Op 8 november organiseren Universiteit Twente, het Genootschap voor Risicomanagement en PRIMO het Risk & Resilience Festival.

Professor Ortwin Renn (foto Andreas Heddergott) zal in zijn keynote een duidelijke relatie leggen tussen risicomanagement en resilience. Hij zal hierbij ingaan op de mogelijkheden die specifieke risicomanagement strategieën bieden om het weerstands-vermogen (de resilience) binnen organisaties en de samenleving als geheel te vergroten.

De essentie is het vergroten van het vermogen om effectiever om te kunnen gaan met complexe en moeilijk voorspelbare gebeurtenissen en veranderingen.


“The concept of resilience has been used in may disciplines for different notions of being able to respond adequately when the system is under severe stress. It has been widely applied in ecological research and denotes the resistance of natural ecosystems to cope with stressors. Resilience is focused on the ability and capacity of systems to resist shocks and to have the capability to deal and recover from threatening events.

This idea of resistance and recovery can also be applied to social systems. The main emphasis here is on organizational learning and institutional preparedness to cope with stress and disaster.

The governance framework suggested by the International Risk Governance Council depicts resilience as a normative goal for risk management systems to deal with highly uncertain events or processes (surprises). It is seen as a property of risk-absorbing systems to withstand stress (objective resilience) but also the confidence of risk management actors to be able to master crisis situations (subjective resilience).” Lees meer.